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Waterproof apparel fabric

Marketing Article: Waterproof Apparel Fabric: Protection for Their Rainy-Day Strategies.


What would be the benefits of Waterproof Apparel Fabric?


As everybody knows, old-fashioned gown fabrics is not ideal for rainy weather. With waterproof apparel fabric, nevertheless, you've got the solution that are perfect yourself from the rain. The Sunfeng waterproof apparel fabric has a few pros including:


1. Protects against water: Waterproof apparel fabric keeps you dry during rainy seasons.


2. Produces warmth: The fiber that was dense of textile helps protect human body warmth.


3. Breathability: Though the fabric prevents water from penetrating, it enables liquid vapor escape from the fabric, creating it both breathable and waterproof.


4. Durability: Waterproof Apparel textile is both durable and long-lasting, that means it is a great investment.


Innovation in Waterproof Apparel Fabric

The innovation of waterproof apparel fabric involves utilizing advanced technology enhance the textile's performance. Commonly Used Sunfeng water proof fabrics are PVC fabric, Teflon fabric, and PU textile.


1. PVC textile: PVC fabric is 100% waterproof and is used to produce rainfall jackets, umbrellas, and rain boots. PVC is a material produced from plastic, also it is highly durable and long-lasting.


2. Teflon fabric: Teflon fabric, having said that, is a unique type of fabric from synthetic fibers and fabric. A Teflon finish ended up being placed on make the product waterproof. It provides safety that has been added because well, such as resistance to stains and fires.


3. PU Fabric: PU material is a material created from polyurethane. It is highly comfortable and waterproof to wear, and is widely used to build outdoor clothing and sports gear, like bags.


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